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  • All Floors soft & hard Cleaned and Maintained

  • Dust & Odour FREE Wood Floor Sanding & Re-Finishing

  • Marble, Travertine, Terrazzo & all Natural Stone floors Honed & Polished

  • Coatings for Marmoleum, Linoleum, VCT & Laminate Floors

  • Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning – Moth, Spider & Pest Repellent treatment

  • Concrete Polishing

  • Grout Cleaning



People initially assume that dirt is the reason for their marble floors dullness, and think about having the floors cleaned or having a false shiny coating applied. However, cleaning is not enough to bring back the floor’s former shine and lustre and what is needed is floor polishing. Applying a false shiny coating can damage your floors as it doesn’t allow the natural stone to breathe and the stone eventually cracks in areas (this is called spalling). Polishing does not remove Lippage (tiles that are not level). This is achieved only through grinding.

Carpet Cleaning


Using our high end professional equipment and our many years of experience here and in the US we provide a carpet cleaning service that is second to none.

Carpet & Textile Moth & Pest Treatments


We are certified in the treatment of carpets and textiles for moths & other insects. We can kill the adult insects and their larvae and eggs, ridding you of the problem protecting your carpet & investment.

Floor Stripping


Using our own specially formulated Chemicals, Products & Professional Floor machines we can safely and quickly remove old floor coatings, from Tile, Slate, VCT, Linoleum, Marmoleum and Amtigo Floors.

Anti Slip Coating

We can apply an anti slip coating to floors, showers, baths and wet rooms.

Grout Cleaning/Restoration & Sealing


Over time your Grout starts to look “old and grubby” this is because dirt and dust have become trapped in the deep crevices and pores. Using the proper Cleaning products and professional equipment we can clean your grout and seal it protecting it from future spills.

There is also the option of sealing your new grout before it ever becomes stained and dirty.

Stone Colour Enhancing

To bring back / or highlight (enhance) the natural colours of your stone. Internal and external stone can be enhanced.



Nothing compares to the elegance and beauty of natural stone and sealing your stone is important to the continued life of your floor, walls, countertops and fireplaces.

Floor Coatings/Treatments


Using our own specially formulated Products we can apply a Tough durable, crystal clear coating to protect and shine you Tile, Slate VCT, Linoleum, Marmoleum and Amtigo Floors.

VCT, Marmoleum & Linoleum Floor Stripping and Coatings


We strip and remove, old coatings of polish, clean and then reseal your floors old and new, residential and commercial. Using our own specially formulated sealer which will never require stripping again, it is also UV stable meaning it will not tarnish or darken over time, making it extremely easy as it just requires a good cleaning and re-application of the sealer when it needs it. So it’s not just a job that’s ‘DunRite’ but it will save you money in the long term!

Concrete Polishing


A Concrete floor can be just as beautiful as any natural stone floor once polished, we can polish your concrete floor and bring it to whatever level of gloss you desire.



Grinding is a process that levels high edges and uneven tiles otherwise known as Lippage, which creates a flat even surface to your floor. This can be done to all natural stone floors including Terrazzo & Concrete.

Crack & Damage Repair


We can fill cracks and holes in your natural stone floor. Travertine for example does over time need to be filled and the process that we use is the same as that used when the tile is originally produced at the factory.

Wood Floor Sanding & Re-Finishing


We use a DUST FREE system and the latest technology in Floor Sanding equipment. We can beautifully restore those dull damaged floors, from plain Pine to teak, Wood Block to Herringbone & Solid to Semi Solid. We also can apply an array of finishes from Oil Based, Water Based to Oiling – a high gloss or a satin finish.

We can also change the colour of your wood floor from the standard wood colours available or we can create a customised look for your wood floor to suit your own style or taste.